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Announcement: This blog has moved to GreatDistances.com!

Hey travelers!  Big news!  We’re changing our name and web address to GreatDistances.com!

At the new address, you’ll find the same travel and photography-oriented content you’ve enjoyed here, updated for better design and readability/viewability, as well as a bunch of new posts too (for example:  you haven’t read my posts on my 2015 trip to Kenya yet, have you?).

As part of this transition, this will likely be the last post on Where I Went & How I Got There, which is a bit sad for me, honestly.  Though I started said site more or less just because it seemed like a thing to do while traveling, working on the site over the past few years gave me a vehicle for my writing and photography, and a reason to practice and improve on my skills in each.  We’ll continue to grow on the new site accordingly.

For now, this site (Where I Went & How I Got There) and the new site (GreatDistances) will continue to run concurrently as of now, as some of the images and links are shared between the two sites.   Clicking through links here might end you up over there, even – but it’ll all be fixed in time and narrowed to only the GreatDistances site.

For those of you with e-mail subscriptions, please sign up through the new site (see the sidebar for e-mail subscription form) so we can make a seamless transition – and don’t forget to find us on social media at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

– Matt